The World of Interior Design

Do you want to become an interior designer or are you already pursuing your dream? It can be an extremely exciting and fulfilling career but has its fair share of challenges just like any other job. If you are passionate about design then choosing a career in interior design will allow you to express your artistic talent.

If you are an aspiring designer but not quite sure where to begin then finding the right training and course to join is important as is keeping abreast of current trends and regulations. After which finding a suitable job in the current marketplace may not be easy, but not necessarily as difficult as you may think if you know where to look and if you have the right tools.

Your curriculum vitae should be impeccable. It should provide an excellent summary of you as an interior designer so the potential employer can have a quick overview. You must remember that you need to “sell” your experience and skills in a clear and visually interesting way. You should accompany your resume with a portfolio that provides a platform of your design abilities and skills. Your portfolio should contain sketches, interior design concepts, layouts, visuals, detailing and CAD work.

Next, make sure you build a credible network of people that you can contact and keep in touch with so they might refer you to others they know who need an interior designer. Build your network by signing up in the various social media platforms that are available on the Internet.

A great place to begin is LinkedIn where professionals meet and share their knowledge about a particular profession. It works similar to a professional organization. You could link up with others in the interior design industry and also go to the jobs section where you could find job advertisements. Make sure that your profile has a professional photo and complete as many of the sections as possible.

You will also find Facebook very useful in creating a network of potential employers and referees. It has a great feature where you have the option to create your own page about your career. Here you can market your skills extensively. It is a type of free advertisement and the sooner you take advantage of this feature, the sooner it will help you find jobs within interior design.

Another wonderful social networking is Twitter. With your Twitter account, you can reach millions of people in different parts of the globe within seconds. You can simply type something about yourself and mention that you are an interior designer looking to be hired. 

Of course do not forget that you should register on online sites that are dedicated to advertising Interior Design jobs. Just send in your CV and portfolio so that they can contact you about job openings.

If you are currently looking for a new opportunity and have already finished your studies then please view the job vacancies on this site and apply to any that are of interest. Alternatively, you could also take a look at our other website www.careersindesign.com and send your enquiry to recruit@careersindesign.com